In 1957, John Polacek found himself working for Bethlehem Steel and struggling to provide for his nine children. To help ends meet he put a welding machine on the back of his pick-up truck and started Johnny's Welding.
When John Polacek passed away in 1987, his welding company was located in a two-car garage and had one employee -- His son, Bill Polacek.  Bill bought the company from his mother and started Johnstown Welding and Fabrication. After a few years of growth, Bill shortened the company name to JWF Industries to reflect its continuing diversity. 

In 2007, Bill ventured out again and started JWF Defense Systems  -- A business specifically focused on supplying DOD prime contractors with reliable, on-time, fabrications and subassemblies. Click here to see JWF Defense Systems. Since its humble beginning, Bill has led this small-town company into thriving business. Today, JWF Industries has annual sales over $120 million, operates three facilities encompassing over 900,000 square feet, and employs 450 people in Johnstown PA.


Process Based

In our business, quality counts. We achieve and maintain our customers’ expectations through a relentless emphasis on reliable and consistent processes that provide consistent results. Yet, we do not believe in simply expecting people to do what they are told. Rather, we make them part of our manufacturing processes, allow them to train and certify to attain the full range of their talents and capabilities. Focusing on process transforms the work -- But it also transforms the organization and the people within it as well. Through our various ISO certifications, we enroll our employees in robust and continual training so that we can assure our customers that we are defining our success in their terms, based on their measurements.  Above all, we align on a common passion of finding what our customers want… and then giving it to them at a better overall value than anyone else.  We are process based -- We are committed to excellence.

Core Values

  • We will act with honesty and integrity in everything we do
  • We will satisfy our customers with uncompromising quality, value and service
  • We will value and develop our employees' diverse talents, initiative and leadership
  • We will work safely in a manner that protects and promotes the health and well-being of the individual and the environment.
  • We will be good citizens of the community in which we work and live
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