Department of Defense (DOD) Contractor

Department of Defense (DOD) Contractor

Double Column Machining

JWF Industries was designed from the ground up to be a vertically integrated fabricator. This allows us complete control over planning, scheduling and quality. Our documented processes and procedures enable us to ensure quality and repeatability regardless of the personnel performing the work. Our lean approach to cell layout combined with a 5S culture provides a clean, consistent and safe work environment.

Laser Services
Speed to market is critical in today’s manufacturing world. Our laser technology allows us to process steel parts at an extremely fast pace. Some companies still resort to old methods. Not at JWF Industries -- We are committed to on-time deliveries and our investment in technology proves it.

Our four 4,000 watt Mitsubishi LVP Lasers are the workhorses when it comes to cutting plate. All have fully automated plate storage for running jobs back-to-back with virtually no supervision. Maximum plate size is 6’ x 12’ and 3/8’ thick aluminum or 1” thick steel.
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Welding Services
JWF Industries specializes in complex, large weldments that generally involve close tolerances. Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) are on staff to maintain and regulate welding processes. We employ over 300 AWS certified welders, 30 armor certified welders, and ten dual arm robotic welding cells. A point of pride for JWF is our in-company weld school, which is widely known for producing some of the best welders in the area.
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Our hydraulic press brakes range in size from 150 to 1000 tons with bed lengths from 12 to 20 feet. Combined with a vast array of tooling and over 20 years of forming experience, JWF has the versatility necessary to meet your most demanding projects. JWF most recent addition to our arsenal is a 1,000 ton press brake with a 20 ft bed.
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Vertical integration was leading factor when JWF bought its first machining center. Today, the machining division relies on 32 CNC machines to meet the ever-changing demands of OEM’s. Over 40 highly skilled machinists work side by side with the quality department to ensure exacting tolerances are held, quality parts are shipped, and on-time delivery dates are met.
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JWF Industries has made every effort to set a new standard in the paint and powder coating industry. Our goal is to provide high quality CARC and powder coating service to the manufacturing industry by utilizing new technology and constantly refining our processes and procedures. Currently, we are the largest powder coating line east of the Mississippi River in terms of part size, weight, and quantity of parts per day.
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JWF Industries offers a wide variety or engineering services. Our engineers can work with a simple sketch, 2D prints, or 3D models. We often design and fabricate parts from the "ground up" based solely on customer inputs.

Our engineers and production specialist's work closely with our customers to recommend materials and components designed to meet their budget. In addition to meeting stringent quality control standards, all our systems are set up to meet the codes regulating a customer’s end use in accordance with ASME, ASTM, AISC, or AWS standards.

As a program enters production, JWF’s engineers will break multi-level projects down into specific processes, primarily to maximize efficiency, but also to monitor and measure the program through the entire manufacturing cycle ensuring the customer is receiving the best value for each dollar spent.

JWF’s quality personnel are involved in your project from the kick-off. A quality plan tailored to the customer’s need is drafted and presented for review during the formulation of the project’s process map. The quality plan defines key metrics and includes an inspection strategy for each stage of production. Once approved by the program manager, the plan is presented to the customer for final sign-off. Upon acceptance by the customer, the quality plan is incorporated into the process map and monitored and measured throughout the life of the project.

Part conformance is verified using the following:

  • Zeiss Contura CMM
  • Faro Arm Platinum (10’)
  • Faro Arm Gold (10’)
  • Faro Laser Tracker
  • Virtek Laser QC

Program Management

JWF’s program managers (PM’s) maintain tight control of your program from kick-off through completion. Our single point-of-contact approach allows our PM’s to function as your in-plant eyes and ears. The PM becomes a subject matter expert in terms of customer specifications, budgets and timing objectives. Your PM communicates this critical information throughout all the decision making steps involving engineering, purchasing, production and quality assurance.