Laser Services

Speed to market is critical in today’s manufacturing world. Our laser technology allows us to process steel parts at an extremely fast pace. Some companies still resort to old methods.  Not at JWF Industries -- We are committed to on-time deliveries and our investment in technology proves it.

Our four 4,000 watt Mitsubishi LVP Lasers are the workhorses when it comes to cutting plate.  All have fully automated plate storage for running jobs back-to-back with virtually no supervision.  Maximum plate size is 6’ x 12’ and 3/8’ thick aluminum or 1” thick steel.

Mitsubishi LVP Lasers

  • 4000 Watts
  • 669 inches per minute
  • Cutting tolerances of +/- .003"
  • Ncell Automation Software
  • Cut up to 22,000 lbs. of steel "lights out."

JWF Industries also offers laser cutting of tubular products.  Equipped with an ADIGE 702D TUBE LASER from BLM Group USA, JWF is capable of cutting virtually any pattern in a piece of tube while holding a tolerance of seven thousandths of an inch (or the equivalent of three human hairs). Tube wall thicknesses up to 3/8" and length up to twenty feet by 6" diameter are within JWF’s capabilities. The ADIGE 702D is equipped with the "Delicate Tube Handling System" option for cutting tube as small as 12mm.

The tube laser is completely automated. Bundles of tube are moved in the "Auto-Loader" using a five-ton bridge crane. Individual tubes are then conveyed upward, measured for exact length, and placed in a mandrel. The laser is activated and the tubing is rotated and moved to achieve the required cutting pattern. Waste is conveyed to a scrap bin and the part is automatically unloaded from the machine.

Another time saving feature is the "tab and slot" programming function. This option is ideal if multiple parts are assembled and welded after cutting. The "tab and slot" design enables the parts to be joined and held together until welding. This value added feature virtually eliminates the need for jigs and additional tooling.