At JWF Industries, we offer employment opportunities in many of the hottest manufacturing trades, including welding, machining, machine operations, material handling, inventory control and equipment maintenance. For the entry-level production employee, we have a college-accredited weld school to get started as a fully-certified production welder.

For the experienced craft worker, we offer challenging opportunities as welder-fitters, lead welders, certified manual & CNC machinists and many other positions that support a growing list of demanding customers that have come to expect the finest quality products and services from JWF Industries.

JWF Industries is also a high-tech employer who provides state of the art products to OEM’s and defense contractors. As such, JWF offers employment opportunities in a variety of cutting-edge professional fields including mechanical & industrial engineering, robotics, procurement, supply chain management, accounting and finance, human resources and industrial management.

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What You Can Expect As an Employee of JWF Industries:

  1. Operate an economically successful business that has grown and developed new business in support of the needs of a sophisticated customer base.

  2. Selection of people on the basis of skill, training, ability, attitude, and character without discrimination with regard to age, sex, color, race, creed, national origin, religious persuasion, marital status, political belief, or disability that does not prohibit performance of essential job functions.

  3. We offer a competitive compensation program that will reward all employees according to their effort and contribution to the success of our business.

  4. Review wages, employee benefits and working conditions constantly with the objective of providing maximum benefits in these areas, consistent with sound business practices.

  5. Provide paid vacations and holidays to all eligible employees.

  6. Provide eligible employees with medical, disability, retirement and other benefits.

  7. Develop competent people who understand and meet our objectives, and who accept with open minds the ideas, suggestions and constructive criticisms of fellow employees.

  8. Assure employees, after talking with their manager, an opportunity to discuss any problem with officers of JWF Industries.

  9. Make prompt and fair adjustment of any complaints that may arise in the everyday conduct of our business, to the extent that is practicable.

  10. Respect individual rights, and treat all employees with courtesy and consideration.